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About AllAboutRivers.com

About AllAboutRivers.com

AllAboutRivers.com was launched in 1999 and was the first online river guidebook in the world. It was created to help boaters find accurate and up to date information about rivers across the U.S. Before the advent of the internet and the high quality sites that came to follow, planning any trip, especially a river trip to an unfamiliar place could be very difficult. Just finding very basic information was a challenge.

As the internet was taking shape in the late nineties, there really weren't any good websites for paddlesports. The original idea was to make a website that brought together trip planning info with the local paddling shops that dotted the US landscape as well as streamflow info and common meeting spots. That's where we started in 1999 and we now have a site that includes about 40,000 pages and receives about 1 Million visitors a year. To help visitor's navigate through the site, we've broken AllAboutRivers.com down into the following main areas.

The Paddlers Site is for boaters with their own kayaks, rafts, canoes, and SUP boards to find trips, shops, gear, and boating partners. It is very feature rich with an eguidebook, streamflows, gear review, calendar of events, a huge link section and nearly every kayak shop and kayak school in the country. Everything has been designed for lots of interactivity between users so it will be the most complete resource for river runners across the U.S.

In 2004 we created the rafting site which is focused on the commercial rafting industry specifically. Our goal is to connect commercial rafting clients with tour operators. We have included every commercially rafted river trip in the U.S. and every rafting outfitter in the nation and we continually add new content.

In 2006 we launched our online store and we now carry every river guidebook published for rivers in the U.S. and many books covering rivers internationally. We have a better selection of river guidebooks than Amazon.com and we are always looking for new titles. We also carry a good selection of instructional books and videos. In 2007 we formed partnerships with retail stores to allow us to sell a full inventory of kayak gear and footwear. We've taken every measure to make our online store secure and safe. So shop with no fear.

In 2008 we launched the LocalLodgingGuide.com to help adventurous travelers book their lodging along with planning and outfitting their river adventure. We are focusing on small independently owned businesses. The kind of places that people who go on active vacations seek out. We will be adding businesses, content, and features for the next couple of years. We plan to make this site just as feature and content rich as AllAboutRivers.com.

In 2011 we've completely redesigned the site from top to bottom. It includes more high quality photos and videos. There are more ways to truely interact with the site. We will be adding a fishing guide to the site as well so stay tuned for that!

AllAboutRivers.com is owned and operated by Quicksilver Interactive Media, Inc. We develop, host and promote websites with a special focus on tourism based industries. We are boaters and commercial whitewater guides who have a passion for running rivers. We love the freedom the sport gives us and the release of emotions that it allows. We encourage responsible use of all natural resources and we work to promote proper outdoor ethics.