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Grand Canyon River Guide

by Belknap Waterproof Flip Guide Book


in Arizona River Guide Books
Labyrinth Canyon River Guide

by Thomas Rampton


in Utah River Guide Books
Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting DVD



in whitewater books & videos
Kayak Roll DVD



in whitewater books & videos
It Happened At Grand Canyon

Thirty Episodes that shaped the history of the Grand Canyon


in Kayaking Lifestyle Books
Brothers on the Bashkaus

A Siberian Paddling Adventure by Eugene Buchanan


in Kayaking Lifestyle Books


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Kayaking and outdoor related magazines are very entertaining on long road trips, during the daily groove session, and just to keep up with latest gear and trends.
Link Name   Description
Canoe and Kayak Magazine  features adventure paddling destinations, equipment reviews, paddling techniques, health and fitness, conservation, the paddling environment, and the people, ideas, issues and events that shape the growing sport of paddling.
Far Flung Magazine  Adventure travel portal offers travel writing, photography and adventure resources
Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine  Created to fill a void in the outdoor media market,catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts looking for close-to-home destinations and the relevant gear needed to enjoy an increasingly limited amount of time for outdoor activities.
Kayak Session Magazine  The international whitewater magazine
Outside Magazine  Outside has always been driven by the search for innovative ways to connect people to the world outdoors.
Paddler Magazine  Each issue is filled with exciting stories on places to paddle, skill enhancement, gear reviews, environmental issues, industry updates and profiles of leading paddlers.
Paddling Life Magazine  Paddling Life is a lush new magazine that celebrates your paddling lifestyle. Printed on oversized glossy paper five times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and the Ultimate Gear Guide)
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