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Grand Canyon River Guide

by Belknap Waterproof Flip Guide Book


in Arizona River Guide Books
Labyrinth Canyon River Guide

by Thomas Rampton


in Utah River Guide Books
Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting DVD



in whitewater books & videos
Kayak Roll DVD



in whitewater books & videos
It Happened At Grand Canyon

Thirty Episodes that shaped the history of the Grand Canyon


in Kayaking Lifestyle Books
Brothers on the Bashkaus

A Siberian Paddling Adventure by Eugene Buchanan


in Kayaking Lifestyle Books


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Regular television coverage of kayaking and river running related topics has been rather skimpy. However, that trend is changing. Here are some resources for your viewing pleasure.
Link Name   Description
LVM - Lunch Video Magazine  The World's First Whitewater Video Magazine
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