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Gear Bags Gear Review on AllAboutRivers

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Salamander Back Yak Harness

Nobody likes to portage, but with this innovative Salamander Back Yak you'll be able to comfortably carry your kayak long distances.  Whether you're hiking through a gorge to make a first descent on a remote stretch of river or just need a harness system to get your boat to the put in, this ful...(read more)
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Salamander Mesh Duffel Bag

This Mesh Duffel bag from Salamander has enough room for all your paddling gear and is built to last. Perfect for any kind of kayaker with a lot of gear to carry around, this bag is lightweight and won't hurt your wallet as much as some other duffel bags. This is a must for anyone who wants to kee...(read more)
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North Water Rescue Under Deck Bag

Sometimes deck bungees and gear stored in front of you simply just won't do. The next best option is a bag attached just under the deck of the kayak. This under deck bag is like having a glove box for your kayak. Store emergency items out of the way. This bag can be attached to plastic or composit...(read more)