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Customer Review of Remix 69 on AllAboutRivers

Customer Review of Liquid Logic Kayaks Remix 69

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Liquid Logic Kayaks Remix 69

If you're in the market for a versatile whitewater kayak that is fast, forgiving and equipped to take on almost any kind of water, check out the Liquid Logic Remix 69.  Whether you're brand new to whitewater or looking to take your skills to the next level, the Remix has something to offer and is sure to leave you smiling at the takeout.  Soft edges make the Remix forgiving and stable feeling, while a longer waterline helps you charge out of eddies and punch through the rougher stuff with more speed than ever before yet you can still carve turns, surf waves and play all day with this versatile hull design.  The Remix features Liquid Logic's Badd-Ass Outfitting which may just be the most comfortable seating system available on the market today.  The Remix 69 is perfect for medium sized boaters that want a reassuring craft that doesn't skimp on performance.  You can also check out the Remix 69 on the Liquid Logic website here.

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lousy boat - Oct 13, 2010
Reviewer: Shelby from Allentown, Pa

Tried this boat and was quick to give it up. The boat is very twitchy. Unless the water is very still there is no sense of stability. The stern catches eddies too easily and it takes a lot of effort to hold a line. Bought a diesel 80 and have not looked back.
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