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Pueblo Whitewater Park Whitewater Kayaking Trip on the Arkansas River

Drop #6 at 2300 cfs
Drop #1 at 2300 cfs Drop #3 at 2300 cfs Drop #2 at 2300 cfs Drop #1 at 2300 cfs View looking upstream from #6 at 2300 cfs

View larger map of Pueblo Whitewater Park & get directions
Click 'Earth' to fly through the canyon!
Pueblo Whitewater Park Info
Use this information at your own risk. See our legal notices.
Put In:  Top of Park
Take Out:  Bottom of Park
Difficulty:  Park & Play
Run Length:  .5 miles
Season Comments:  January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Location:  In the Rocky Mtn Region (CO), of
Shuttle Logistics: 

Most paddlers park at the Union Street take-out and walk up to the top. I parked at the top parking lot and then just walked back. Either way the logistics are pretty easy.

Pueblo Whitewater Park on the Arkansas River

The Pueblo Whitewater Park is a nice urban whitewater park in a hot desert environment. Although the river left is a concrete wall, river right has large eddies at every drop. There are 8 drops so there is likely at least one good feature at all flows. I've only visited the park at reasonably high water ~2500 cfs and it was great. I will definitely be back.

#1: It looked ok but I didn't stay and surf 

#2: Also didn't look that great.

#3: This is a very good feature at this level. There is a hole on river right and more of a wave with a foam pile toward the middle. At first glance the hole on river right is a little intimidating but is actually very gentle.

#4: Didn't look that great

#5: Didn't look that great

#6: This is a very user friendly feature. Easy to get into with more of a wave with foam pile on river right and more of a hole on river left. Very easy to move across the entire feature.

#7: Massive hole at this level. I didn't try it.

#8: I didn't make it down this far.

Last Edited by bradgoet on 7/16/2011

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