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Clover Point Wave and Neil's Wave Whitewater Kayaking Trip on the McKenzie River

Clover Point Wave and Neil's Wave Info
Use this information at your own risk. See our legal notices.
Put In:  Mom's Pie
Take Out:  Silver Creek Boat Ramp
Difficulty:  Park & Play
Gradient:  18 fpm
Run Length:  1.5 miles
Current Streamflow:  5450 cfs @ 12/14/2016 10:00 AM - MCKENZIE RIVER NEAR VIDA, OR, reading taken from USGS
Streamflow Comments:  2.7 - 4ft and above 6ft for Neil's Wave, and above 6,000 cfs for Clover Point Wave
Season Comments:  January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Primary Season:  Rainy season brings enough water to make these play spots.
Permit:  No permit necessary.
Hazards:  Extremely cold water. High water brings wood.
Water Craft:  kayak,wwcan
Land Ownership:  Private land owner at Clover Point, stay in the water.
Wilderness:  no
Camping on River:  no
Location:  In the Pacific Region (OR), of
Shuttle Logistics: 

Put in: From Eugene, go east on Route 126 along the McKenzie River to the old Mom's Homemade Pies Café near Vida Oregon. The cafe is out of business but the sign is still in place and readable. There is a large parking lot on the north side of the road. Park here and walk across the highway to put in. Be courteous and park in the back of the parking lot. The put in is directly across the highway.

Take out: Proceed downstream to Silver Creek boat landing, approximately a mile and half downstream. Neil's is the third rapid on the run and the last "big" one before the take-out at Silver Creek.

Clover Point Wave and Neil's Wave on the McKenzie River

Clover Point: Catch Clover Point above 6,000 cfs for optimum playboating. Each wave at Clover’s has a good sized pile for experienced boaters to throw aerial tricks. For intermediate boaters this wave is super smooth and a great place to practice flat spins or front surfing. When Neil’s Wave has a large line in the eddy Clover‘s is often empty.

The only downside of this wave is that the home owner that lives at the wave is not boater friendly. To avoid problems stay in your boat and off of the shore.

Neil's Wave: At 3ft to 4ft, Neil's is beautiful, glassy and fast. It can be tough for a beginner to get on because you need to ferry across a small stopper wave with some speed in order to catch the wave.
At lower flows, there is a solid pile and a really good spin corner towards the center of the river. At higher levels, the spin corner forms a very nice blunt shoulder with good wave spinning ability.

At levels below 2.5ft, it becomes shallow and trashy - expect a lot of window shades!

The eddy at Neil's is very calm, but gets much more turbulent as you approach the wave. The eddy is fairly large, stretching back a couple hundred feet, but you can miss it if you have to roll several times (and necessiating a hike to get back into the eddy). When this wave is good expect a long line in the eddy.

Last Edited by doldfield on 12/30/2009

Towns near Clover Point Wave and Neil's Wave Kayaking

Albany Oregon
Bend Oregon
Eugene Oregon
Gresham Oregon
Lebanon Oregon
Redmond Oregon
Salem Oregon
Sisters Oregon
Springfield Oregon

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