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Meadow Camp Whitewater Kayaking Trip on the Deschutes River

Top drop in Damit Rapid at About 2000 cfs
Top drop in Damit Rapid at About 2000 cfs Tube in Damit Rapid at About 2000 cfs Room of Doom in Damit Rapid at About 2000 cfs Bottom of Amazing Rapid at About 2000 cfs Top of 100% Rapid at About 2000 cfs
Middle of 100% Rapid at About 2000 cfs Jason Wells in the top drop of Dam-it Rapid Casey Pierce at 100% Rapid at 2000 cfs Amazing Rapid Casey Pierce at the top of 100% Rapid at 2000 cfs
Brad Goettemoeller at the top of 100% rapid at 2000 cfs Mike Annese in the middle of 100% Rapid at 2000 cfs

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Meadow Camp Info
Use this information at your own risk. See our legal notices.
Put In:  Meadow Campground
Take Out:  Farewell Bend Park
Difficulty:  Class IV +
Gradient:  76 ft/mi
Run Length:  5 miles
Current Streamflow:  897 cfs @ 03/03/2015 11:30 AM - BENO - Deschutes River at Benham Falls, OR, reading taken from USBR
Good Level:  1700 - 2200 cfs
Streamflow Comments: 

The flow is very steady. It's either 400-900 cfs mid-September to mid-April or 1700-2000 cfs mid-April to mid-September.

Season Comments:  June, July, August, September, October
Primary Season: 

dam controlled

Permit:  None required for river use, but there is a $5 parking pass required for Meadow Camp Pinic Area, which can be bought at the put in.
Hazards:  There are five technical, steep drops, with moderate amounts of wood and many under water sieves. The whole run is easily scouted from the trail on river right.
Water Craft:  kayak,wwcan,raft
Land Ownership:  Mixed public and private.
Wilderness:  No
Camping on River:  No
Location:  In the Pacific Region (OR), 131 miles Southeast of Salem, OR
Area Name:  Central Oregon, near Bend.
Shuttle Logistics: 

Put in: From Bend, travel west on Hwy 46. Turn left on Forest Road 3933, at the sign for Meadow Camp Picnic Area, and continue to Meadow Camp parking area.

Take out: In Bend at Farewell Bend Park where Reed Market Rd crosses the River.

Meadow Camp on the Deschutes River

First 2 miles of the run are slow moving class II and III rapids.

Mile 2 (Playtime Rapid): The first class IV rapid on the run is called playtime. This rapid consists of fast pushy water with a few sticky holes, it can be run on either side of the river but do your best to stay out of the center most of the way down.

Mile 2.2 (Diversion Dam Rapid): Diversion Dam is the second Class IV+, it is easily noticed because there is a large dam that diverts a portion of the water into a canal. For your first time down this run the Diversion Dam rapid should be scouted from either side of the river, and can be easily portaged on a dirt road on river right. Stay center through most of the rapid and drive hard right were there is a spout of water being shot into the river. After Diversion Dam there is about a 1/2 mile of class IV- read and run water.

Mile 2.5 (Amazing Rapid): After the river takes a sharp turn to the right you will have reached the third class IV rapid, Amazing. This rapid is a short but very powerful rapid with three strong hydraulics at the bottom. This rapid can be best scouted and portaged from river right. Enter the rapid by sliding over a log on river right, after that stay center and paddle hard all the way to the bottom. A big hazard in this rapid is a log filled sieve on the left side of the rapid, so stay either in the center or far right.

Mile 3 (Mario Land Rapid): There is another short section of class III-IV whitewater until you reach the next rapid. Mario Land is the fourth class IV+ rapid. If no one in your group has done this run, scouting on river right is very recomended. This rapid is formed mostly by a log jam that spreads across the river, enter the rapid in the center of the river and then head to the right channel for the most straight forward line through the logs. Once you have exited the log jam there is a fun short class IV- run out with a few fun and challenging eddies.

Mile 3.5 (100% Rapid): For about 3/4 of a mile below Mario Land there is more Class III read and run until the Fifth and final class IV rapid of the run. 100% is a long pushy rapid with a few big hydraulics and a really fun entry move. This rapid can be scouted and portaged on the trail on river right. The entry move is a fun boof over a rooster tail on river right, try to keep some right momentum to avoid being pushed into the rock on river left. After the entry straighten out and paddle straight down the center. At the bottom of the rapid there is a very large hole on river right that is backed up by an under water boulder. The hydraulic is easily avoided on river left, there is also a great boof rock on river right, when hit right will send you flying over the hole.

Mile 5: The Take out is a short distance downriver on river right.


Last Edited by bradgoet on 4/20/2011

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La Pine Oregon
Redmond Oregon
Sisters Oregon
Sunriver Oregon

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