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Wilderness Run Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing Trip on the Rogue River

Middle sneak line at Rainie Falls
Main chute at Rainie Falls Main chute at Rainie Falls Mule Canyon Relaxing in the Sun
Stair Creek Falls

View larger map of Wilderness Run & get directions
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Wilderness Run Video

Raft Through Grave Creek Rapids
  • Paddle Rafting the Center Chute at Rainie Falls
  • Rafting Main Chute of Rainie Falls
  • Rafting the Center Sneak at Rainie Falls
  • Rafting The Meat of Rainie Falls
  • Wilderness Run Info
    Use this information at your own risk. See our legal notices.
    Put In:  Graves Creek
    Take Out:  Foster Bar
    Difficulty:  Class III , Class IV , Class V
    Gradient:  14 ft/mi
    Run Length:  34 miles
    Current Streamflow:  10800 cfs @ 12/14/2016 10:30 AM - ROGUE RIVER NEAR AGNESS, OR, reading taken from USGS
    Flow Information (phone):  503-261-9246. Rogue River at Agness.
    Good Level:  1,000 - 6,000
    Streamflow Comments: 
    Season Comments:  January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
    Primary Season: 
    Permit:  Required May 15 through October 15. Limited June 1 through September 15; all other dates available for the asking. Request information after September 15; applications accepted January 1 through middle of February; lottery held in early March. You can call for cancellation/unused dates beginning the first weekday in April. Group limit is 20. Maximum trip length is 7 days.
    Character/Similar To:  Remote lush forested canyon with green pools and abundant wildlife.
    Hazards:  Rainie Falls, occasional black bear problems at campsites.
    Water Craft:  kayak,wwcan,raft
    Land Ownership:  Almost all National Forest and BLM.
    Wilderness:  Yes
    Camping on River:  Many outstanding sites that receive heavy use. It's more common to experience black bear problems on the lower parts of the run (Tate Creek, Solitude, Brushy Bar).
    Location:  In the Pacific Region (OR), 245 miles South of Portland
    Shuttle Logistics: 

    Put In: Take the Merlin exit (#61) off I-5 just north of Grants Pass and continue west through Merlin and toward Galice. Pick up your permit at the Rand Visitor Center three miles past Galice. Proceed another 4.5 miles downstream to the Grave Creek Bridge and put in on the right bank just below the bridge.

    Take Out: From Grave Creek Bridge return upstream to Galice and turn right onto BLM Road 34-8-36 (paved) which eventually turns into USFS Road 23. Stay on this road over the mountains for about 35 miles until it returns to the Rogue river just above Agnes. At the river stay right onto USFS Road 33 and follow it upstream 1.5 miles, cross the river, bear right, and continue upstream about 3 more miles to Foster Bar Take Out. Approximately 50 miles and 2 hours one way. If BLM Road 34-8-36 and USFS Road 23 are impassable in early season because of snow, drive to Grants Pass and take US 199 south to Crescent City. From Crescent City take US 101 north to Gold Beach and continue upstream toward agnes.

    Wilderness Run on the Rogue River

    Mile 0.1(Grave Creek Falls): Right after the put in is the very first rapid, class III Grave Creek Falls. At high water large hydraulics are formed on either side of the drop, a center line is recommended. When the water is low run the far left of the drop to avoid the shallow rocks on the right. This rapid has been known to sink drift boats and flip rafts at all levels.

    Mile 1.5(Rainey Falls): This is a class V waterfall that should be scouted. There are three different lines, the first is the class V line over the waterfall. In the middle is the class IV middle sneak, and to the far right is the class III fish ladder. Always scout this drop.

    Mile 4(Tyee Rapids): At class IV Tyee Rapids the river is separated by a gravel bar on the center left. On the right side of the gravel bar the current pushes hard into the river right wall. At high water run the rapid down the tongue on the left side. When the water is low, enter the rapid right of center and run between the right bank and the hydraulics in the center.

    Mile 4.5(Wildcat Rapids): Wildcat Rapids is a shallow class III rapid around a right hand corner. Stay in the right channel around the island and watch out for boulders just below the surface of the water.

    Mile 6.6(Slim Pickins Rapid): This rapid is a very technical class III rapid. The center line is runnable at all flows but can be very tight. Most rafts and drifts boats will run the right channel to avoid the rocks in the center.

    Mile 8.1(Upper Black Bar Falls): It is possible to scout this class III rapid from the river right bank. At most flows the left side is choked with boulders, and the right side line is the only possible route through the rapid. Enter this drop right while moving left to avoid the rock wall on the left.

    Mile 8.2(Lower Black Bar Falls): Just below Upper Black Bar is another class III called Lower Black Bar Falls. Run this drop right of center and crash through the large standing waves.

    Mile 8.5(Black Bar Lodge): This is the first lodge encountered and it is often the first nights stay on a 3 day lodge trip.

    Mile 10.3(Horseshoe Bend Rapid): Although this rapid has a class II lead in, it can be one of the most difficult class III rapids on the run. The current pushes into the river left wall which contains many undercuts, stay away from the left wall.

    Mile 12.6(Kelsey Falls): Run this class III rapid down the left channel through a fun splashy wave train. Below Kelsey Falls there are many class I/II rapids until you reach Mule Creek Canyon.

    Mile 20.8 – 21.6(Mule Creek Canyon): Mule Creek Canyon is one of the coolest spots on this section of river. In the canyon the river constricts to just over 10 feet in some spots with walls reaching 50 feet tall. Within the canyon is one very challenging rapid called Coffepot. This rapid consists of a large boiling eddy on the left with a very tight entrance. Rafts and drift boats have been known to broach sideways in the narrow entrance. Swimming in the Coffepot can be very dangerous. Run this section one boat at a time.

    Mile 22.7(Blossom Bar Rapid): Blossom Bar is a class IV rapid that should always be scouted from the cliff on river right. This rapid consists of a left to right move above a rock fence. Below the fence are many large hydraulics and large boulders with wrap potential. Enter this rapid on the left side and ferry right towards the center above the picket fence. This is a very dangerous rapid because the picket fence is full of many dangers sieves.

    Mile 24: Paradise Lodge

    Mile 24.3: Half Moon Bar Lodge

    Mile 29.1: Clay Hill Lodge

    Mile 29.3(Upper Clay Hill Rapid): At high water it is possible to run the rapid down the left channel and avoid all the whitewater in the drop. At lower water run down the left side of the right channel to avoid exposed boulders at the bottom of the rapid.

    Mile: 34.4(Take Out): Below Upper Clay Hill Rapid expect a handful of class I/II rapids. The standard take out for this section is at Foster Bar on river right.

    Last Edited by bradgoet on 4/23/2011

    Towns near Wilderness Run Kayaking

    Ashland Oregon
    Bandon Oregon
    Eugene Oregon
    Gold Beach Oregon
    Gold hill Oregon
    Grants Pass Oregon
    Klamath Falls Oregon
    Medford Oregon
    Merlin Oregon
    Mt. Shasta California
    Oakridge Oregon
    Prospect Oregon
    Redding California
    Roseburg Oregon
    Shady cove Oregon

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