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Paddlesports Schools:

Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center
Located in:
Salida, CO

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Whitewater Kayaking, Rafting, Rock Climbing, & Mountain Biking: Guided Tours and Professional Instruction. Choose your own a (more...)

River Shuttle Services:

Hells Canyon Shuttle, Inc
Located in:
Oxbow, OR

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Hell’s Canyon Shuttle, Inc. is a family owned business and has been providing the rafting community of Hell’s Canyon dependable sh (more...)
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Kayaking & Canoeing Colorado River Arizona

Glen Canyon
 photos of Glen Canyon  map of Glen Canyon
Put-in:  Glen Canyon Dam
Take-out:  Lee's Ferry
Difficulty:  Class I
Length:  15 miles
Grand Canyon
 photos of Grand Canyon  map of Grand Canyon
Put-in:  Lees Ferry
Take-out:  Diamond Creek
Difficulty:  Class IV+
Length:  225 miles
Diamond Creek Down
 map of Diamond Creek Down
Put-in:  Diamond Creek
Take-out:  South Cove
Difficulty:  Class II, III
Length:  71 miles
Black Canyon
Put-in:  Hoover Dam
Take-out:  Willow Beach
Difficulty:  Class I
Length:  12 miles
Davis Dam to Rotary Park
 map of Davis Dam to Rotary Park
Put-in:  Davis Dam
Take-out:  Rotary Park
Difficulty:  Class I+
Length:  11 miles
Topock Gorge
 map of Topock Gorge
Put-in:  Topock Marina
Take-out:  Vista Rd
Difficulty:  Class I
Length:  17 miles
Colorado River through Parker,AZ
 map of Colorado River through Parker,AZ
Put-in:  River Island State Park
Take-out:  Blue Water Casino
Difficulty:  Class I+
Length:  13 miles
Walters Camp to Picacho
 map of Walters Camp to Picacho
Put-in:  Walters Camp
Take-out:  Picacho Recreation Area
Difficulty:  Class I-
Length:  22 miles
Picacho to Fishers Landing
 map of Picacho to Fishers Landing
Put-in:  Picacho Recreation Area
Take-out:  Fishers Landing
Difficulty:  Class I-
Length:  11 miles
Fishers Landing to Squaw Lake
 map of Fishers Landing to Squaw Lake
Put-in:  Fishers Landing
Take-out:  Squaw Lake
Difficulty:  Class I-
Length:  7 miles
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