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Customer Review of Super Hero on AllAboutRivers

Customer Review of Jackson Kayak Super Hero

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Jackson Kayak Super Hero


If you need a whitewater kayak that is stable, predictable, comfortable, easy to roll and packs plenty of performance, the Jackson Super Hero is the boat for you.  Built for larger paddlers and the biggest kind of water, the Super Hero is a large whitewater boat that doesn't skimp on performance.  With a planing hull that makes surfing, carving turns and staying on course a breeze, this full volume river-running kayak is great for paddlers of all experience and ability levels.  With a lively hull that is derived from Jackson's popular Star and Fun series, this kayak is at home on creeks and rivers and performs well in a variety of conditions.  Jackson provides extremely comfortable and easy to adjust outfitting that will help you get a custom fit and feel from this kayak, and its immaculately designed side walls make the Super Hero incredibly easy to roll.  The Super Hero has a volume of 87 gallons and is appropriate for paddlers between 155 and 280 pounds.  Come take one out for a test paddle today or give us a call at (888) 285-0464 for more details.  You can also check out the Hero on the Jackson website by following the link below.




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Awesome Boat for a big guy - Nov 8, 2010
Reviewer: Kyle Sanders from Seattle, WA

I've had my super hero for two full seasons now and I love it. I'm 6' tall and 230 lbs. I have really long legs for my height and this boat fits great and carries my weight well. It's short enough that it is easy to steer but still has good speed.

I'm not a hard core creeker. I like class IV+ and V-. This boat serves this purpose well. However, I've watched others nail some difficult lines on some hard rapids in this boat so it should be up for some hard core creeking.
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